Project and Country Management

Program Director

0-2yr. starter 3-5yr. intermediate

As a Program Director for one of our focus domains — health, agriculture, financial inclusion or smart cities — you will be the resident expert providing knowledge and helping set broad direction for our innovation efforts in your domain.

You will identify organizations (government agencies, nonprofits, or corporates) to partner with, problem areas to focus on, and data sources relevant to those problems. Working closely with product managers, engineers, and researchers, you will help narrow down problem areas to specific use-cases that we will build solutions for.

Owning external partner and customer relations, you will plan and execute field experiments and pilots, which are central to our iterative approach to innovation.
With the ultimate goal of ‘impact at scale,’ you will help external stakeholders transition the most promising pilots to scaled deployments.

Desired background:

You are just what we are looking for if you have the experience of piloting and improving innovations – products or services – on the field, working with governments or nonprofits. Besides domain knowledge and experience, you should have relevant networks that you can leverage for your work.

Desired background, but not required:
● Experience scaling interventions or programs in multi-stakeholder environments, after
successful pilots.
● Experience working with cross-functional innovation teams to unearth new insights and
build new products or services.
● Exposure to technology – especially machine learning and data science.

Apply with a CV/resume and a short email explaining your interest to