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The next 3 billion internet users will come from frontier markets. BRCK is the platform that connects them. We do this in three main areas; consumer connectivity, education, and enterprise IoT.
Company Goals

We’re a team of software developers, engineers and technologists in Nairobi, where we build the tools for connectivity that we need ourselves. We’ve long asked ourselves why we use devices designed in Europe and the US, when we live in Africa, where they don’t fit our infrastructure needs – where electricity and internet connections are problematic in both urban and rural areas.

BRCK is the only company in East Africa that has a full stack of engineering for products: electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, firmware and OS software teams, as well as full-stack cloud engineers. Beyond that, we have in-house design, user experience and product management, making BRCK a truly unique company in the region.

Since we started in 2013, we have created the original BRCK v1, the Kio Kit for education, the SupaBRCK for enterprise connectivity, compute and storage, and the PicoBRCK for rugged IoT needs. Besides designing circuit boards and ruggedized cases, our team also writes the firmware, operating systems and cloud stack of software that allows all of our devices to be remotely managed. There are cloud-syncing platforms for content, data from sensors and edge of the network storage.

BRCK is on the cutting edge of frontier market technology needs for connectivity, whether that’s for people or things.

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