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In over one million homes around the world, people bring their food to a boil in a pot for about twenty minutes, then place the pot into a Wonderbag to finish cooking. Once the pot is nestled inside the Wonderbag, it continues to cook for up to 12 hours. This cooking method also reduces water evaporation and retains traditional flavors and nutrient content. Wonderbag cooking saves between 30-80% of fuel -whether electricity, kerosene, charcoal, or firewood- and 60% of water typically used per meal. This improves home air quality and water availability, and reduces fire exposure especially for women [...]
Company Goals

Women and girls are disproportionately burdened with time-consuming tasks of collecting fire wood and cooking in these conditions. The results are staggering. Four million people die each year from illness caused by indoor air pollution-related diseases. 50% of deaths from pneumonia of children under 5 are caused by breathing particulates from household air pollution. Collecting wood can be a dangerous business; in remote areas of Africa, 82% of rapes occur while girls are collecting firewood.

When women have more time and education, their families prosper.

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