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CowaterSogema is Canada’s leading firm in international development project management.
Our story

We strive to develop customized projects that address the unique situation of each client while bringing international best practices; modern and appropriate infrastructure; and information technology solutions.

CowaterSogema is a global company with its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, an office in Montreal, Canada, an office in Pretoria, South Africa (CowaterSogema South Africa) and operations in Paris, France (CowaterSogema Europe).  Additionally, the company currently operates project offices worldwide including in Burkina Faso, Mali, Malawi, Cameroon, South Sudan, Mozambique, Zambia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Jordan, Peru, Honduras, Barbados etc.

Our solutions address specific needs and challenges at the government, institution, industry partner, community, and individual level providing capacity building and participatory approaches that are client driven and sustainable. This approach ensures all stakeholders are a part of project design, decision-making and follow-up.

Our Approach

  • Assist all beneficiaries to come together and articulate their needs, mobilize resources, and plan and manage change together
  • Facilitate institutional strengthening and reform to improve and strengthen governance and accountability
  • Promote effective resource management delivering results efficiently, effectively and economically
  • Deliver modern, appropriate, and reliable physical infrastructure including water, sanitation and energy
  • Deliver the highest quality results that are on time and on budget

Our Strengths

  • Award winning approach to project management and implementation with experience in more than 80 developing and transitional economies
  • In-country expertise with a large network of local staff, consultants, and partners
  • Full-cycle project management including design, financing, large scale procurement and construction oversight capabilities
  • Fund management expertise for large scale grants on behalf of donors and clients
  • Sustainable results through capacity building and participatory approaches with government, institutions, communities, industry partners, and individuals
  • Customized solutions designed in partnership with stakeholders to address unique situations and environments
  • Technological advantage by designing and implementing high quality technology solutions for governments and the private sector
  • International standards and best practices
  • Professional excellence with a strong multidisciplinary and multilingual capacity

We work to provide a full range of services to our clients

CowaterSogema’s depth and breadth of skills and expertise permits us to provide a full range of services to our clients; from design and conceptualization to management and implementation of large, long-term projects and programs. We have delivered hundreds of successful projects to clients worldwide and are able to work in a variety of environments from stable and flourishing economies to those more fragile and conflict challenged states.

Our core competencies are structured around three areas:

Public Environment

  • Governance & Public Administration
  • Public Financial Management and Revenue Mobilization
  • Public Sector Audit
  • Audit 360 Software
  • Financial Institutions

Social & Economic Environment

  • Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
  • Social Service Delivery
  • Education & Vocational Training
  • Health Systems
  • Economic Development

Physical Environment

  • Water Supply & Sanitation
  • Climate Change
  • Natural Resources & Energy
  • Agriculture & Irrigation
  • Extractive Sector CSR
Our expertises
  • Africa | East
  • Africa | South
  • Africa | West
  • Americas | Central America
  • Americas | South America
  • Asia | Central
  • Asia | Southeast

Canada, South Africa, France, Burkina Faso, Mali, Malawi, Cameroon, South Sudan, Mozambique, Zambia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Jordan, Peru, Honduras, Barbados

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