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UjuziKilimo collects & analyzes data to provide actionable insights that inform the agriculture industry.
Our story

Sensors + BigData For precision farming.

We know that timely and accurate information on fertilizers, seeds, weather, crop management and markets, is the turning point of rural agricultural production. Rural smallholders account for over 70% of the food produced in Africa. With the expected population increase of over 2 billion by 2050, world population will be in great food demand. Smallholder Farmers are at the center stage to bringing the new agricultural revolution in Africa. We know that this revolution has to start with data.

That is why we are taking lead in transforming the smallholder farmers into a knowledge-based community connected and powered by precise information from our technologies. We make Big data actionable and Useable for smallholder farmers.

We work with Ujuzi Sensor Technology

Our sensor device is designed and built to work anywhere but currently being used in Kenya. It only needs to connect to a phone network to send data to our servers. It is a farm data capture device that measures soil and farm conditions to ensure we have all the necessary data on your farm in order for you to get a precise and accurate and farm-specific recommendation.

In less than 2 minutes, you get an SMS detailing the advice and recommended action plan, weather and best practices information. We use interactive SMS so farmers can ask for specific knowledge/information any time.

Precision Farming

We use sensors to precisely capture soil and farm data from which farmers get real-time actionable and easy to understand advice on fertilizers, seeds, weather and best practices to ensure they practice productive and sustainable agriculture.

Data Analytics

We use our comprehensive agricultural database and precise farm data to generate insights using machine learning and data analytics to ensure that farmers get quality timely information and service providers access accurate data to deliver targeted services through our platform.

Interactive SMS

For continuous agronomic support to farmers, farmers receive farm specific advice over the crop cycle. We deliver insights and allow farmers to share knowledge amongst themselves anytime, anywhere using mobile technology

Climate Smart Farming

Climate change has hit smallholder farmers the most. We make farmers more resilient through timely weather updates and predictive insights on the weather expectations. This helps farmers plan well for their season and reduce risk from bad weather

“As a small scale farmer in Kenya, my biggest worry is the bad and erratic weather that we have been experiencing, coupled with soil degradation. We no longer know what inputs or fertilizers that will work for us. It's just trial and error.” — Simon Kamande, Farmer, Murang'a
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Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya, Africa

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