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Esoko is an agricultural profiling and messaging service.
Our story

Empowering Organizations With Innovative Digital Solutions And Services.

Esoko started in 2005 as an experiment to see how the emergence of mobile technology in Africa, could improve the lives of rural communities across the continent. The first project enabled the delivery of market prices via SMS, in support of work that FoodNet was doing with MTN in Uganda. In addition, Esoko set up a call center to support local languages and address issues with literacy.

Over time we realized farmers needed much more than price information, and added weather alerts, crop advice, and linking buyers with sellers. Various research finds such services can improve incomes for farmers by roughly 10%. The company then leveraged its technical platform and field force for the collection of information, using tablet devices and smartphones. This technology, Insyt, became the backbone of many large scale social protection programs in Ghana – helping agencies convert from paper, thus reducing cost, time and errors in targeting beneficiaries.

Organizations all over Africa have used our technology to collect and disseminate different types of information on people and markets via smartphone, tablet, web, SMS and voice SMS. In 2016, Esoko incubated and launched Tulaa – a mobile commerce platform for rural consumers and producers in Africa.

Esoko has evolved over the years but remains committed to improving the welfare of rural communities by empowering them – and the businesses that serve them – through mobile technology.

We work on solutions

Insyt is a mobile and web-based platform for data collection, paper form digitization, agent management and data analysis – helping organizations convert from paper, thus reducing cost, time and errors in targeting customers or gaining visibility and insights into your operations.

We created Digital Farmer Services which is a virtual marketplace for farmers in Africa. See our digital platform for agriculture in action here.

  1. Extension delivery - Web and mobile apps for field extension delivery
  2. Market access - Connect farmers to commodity buyers
  3. Financial services - Promote financial inclusion with insurance services
  4. Electronic wallets - Create e-wallets linked to farmers mobile money or bank accounts
  5. Payments and purchases - Pay and transact with farmers within your ecosystem
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