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We deliver safe pregnancies.
Our story

Saving lives of mothers and newborns worldwide.

Maternal and perinatal mortality are considered key indicators for health and development. OHW specializes in improving the access to, and the delivery of essential healthcare services in regions where the need is the greatest.

We work in remote areas with the lowest human development indexes, where other organizations rarely operate. Pregnant women in these high-risk regions are often faced with little to no access to medical care. Socio-cultural barriers, limited personal resources, lack of information, geographical limitations, and inadequate healthcare services prevent pregnant women from receiving the essential care they need to have a safe pregnancy and childbirth. OHW addresses these barriers by improving access to healthcare services in the world's hardest to reach places. We deliver results and drive systemic change, saving lives now and in the future.

We work with a purpose

800 women and 7,000 newborn infants die each day from mostly preventable causes related to pregnancy and delivery. Most of these deaths occur in low-resource settings without a Skilled Birth Attendant, and could have been prevented with simple interventions. Studies show that the greatest burden of maternal and perinatal mortality is clustered around the time of birth, with the majority of deaths occurring within the first 24 hours after delivery.

The foundation of our organization is based on adapting our model to the cultural and spiritual beliefs of each and every community where we work. We collaborate with local community members so that the programs are by the community, for the community.


Our organization’s activities, services, and programs are consistent with our stated mission, compatible with our organizational capacity, respectful of the interests of our varied constituencies, and managed with the highest level of professionalism.

Good citizenship

We comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. We keep the broader interests of the community in mind, and look for opportunities to become partners with those working in the private and public sectors.


We support and encourage visionary governance, exemplary management, excellent service and program delivery, and exceptional staff. We value and uphold the highest ethical and professional standards in all working relations.

Respect and dignity

We respect the dignity and autonomy of each person, and the integrity, privacy, pride, beliefs, and cultures of our varied constituencies - the people we serve, our staff, donors, volunteers, and others.

Care and loyalty

As an organization, we enable all our staff members and partners to exercise their duties with care and loyalty. Decisions are made in good faith. We do not use our position for individual personal advantage.


The true measure of our success as a nonprofit is whether individual lives, and our global communities, change for the better as a result of our work. Being mission-focused, producing measurable outcomes, conducting program evaluations, and developing and maintaining sound financial management are important elements of our accountability.

"With One Heart and many hands, we turn back the tragic tide of birth-related deaths, driving systemic change to save the lives of mothers and their newborns, now and into the future." - Arlene Samen, Founder and CEO of One Heart World-Wide

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China, Mexico, Nepal, Tibet

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