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mPharma's mission is to increase patient access to high quality medications.
Our story

Making Medicine Accessible & Affordable.

At mPharma, our loyalty is with the patient. We start and end our day thinking about how we can enable anyone with a chronic condition to afford their medications. We work with Payers, Providers and Drug Manufacturers to develop solutions that make drugs accessible and affordable for Patients across Africa.

We work with Mutti

mPharma created Mutti because of our belief that access to safe, affordable, and sustainable healthcare is a universal right. We knew that finding and paying for the best possible treatment put a strain on you and your family.

But not anymore.

With Mutti’s flexible payment plans, you can always find and afford the drugs you need, so that you can focus on the things that matter most  — without having to worry about how you’ll afford to stay healthy.

MuttiCard is your Key

MuttiCard is the key to unlocking better health. Having one lets you pay for your drugs whenever’s convenient for you, and it means access to your treatment is 100% guaranteed. Whether you are already diagnosed, or you are due for your checkup, a good first step to join Mutti and getting your MuttiCard is to attend a health screening day at a participating hospital or clinic.

Currently, patients with the following conditions are eligible to receive a MuttiCard:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High Cholersterol
  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Cervical cancer

When you take your MuttiCard to visits with your doctor, you’ll only need to pay a fraction of the cost of your medication upfront — the rest, you can pay over the course of your treatment with your Mutti mobile money wallet.

Patients find affordable medicines

Kwame has high blood pressure and needs medicine to treat his condition. He’s eager to use the medicines his doctor prescribes to treat his conditions, but they are expensive. As the breadwinner of his family, Kwame has a lot of responsibilities, and sometimes his health took a backseat to put food on the table and sending his children through school.

This all changed after Kwame joined mPharma Mutti. Now, Kwame is confident that the medicines he needs will always be available at prices he can afford. With Mutti’s structured payment plans, Kwame can use credit to pay for his drugs however and whenever is most convenient for him.


  • Flexible payment plans
  • Medications are always in stock
  • Increased access to high-quality medications at affordable prices
  • Monthly prescription refills and reminders keep treatment on track

Third Party Payers get customers and get paid on time

Better Health Insurance spends more than 40% of their reimbursement budget paying for drug claims. The high cost of drug claims prevents Better Health from managing their cost and growing their subscriber base.

Now that Better Health has partnered with mPharma, they have reduced their reimbursement costs by 30%. This increase in savings lets them include a wider range of high quality branded and generic drugs in their drug formulary and makes them a more attractive health insurance partner to employers and individuals from all backgrounds


  • Real-time visibility into members’ claims and visits
  • Higher quality medications for clients
  • Lower reimbursement costs
  • Quicker claims processing

Hospitals free up cash to expand their businesses

Luyando runs a clinic for patients with chronic disease. The cost of purchasing drugs for her clinic kept rising and prevented her from providing care at affordable prices to her patients. The constant investment she must make in inventory for her pharmacy keeps her from achieving her dream of expanding her clinic into the city’s best treatment center.

Everything changed after Luyando signed her clinic up for mPharma’s Group Purchasing Network. Now, mPharma sources and buys the best products from the world’s top manufacturers and keeps her shelves well-stocked. Because Luyando only needs to pay for what she dispenses to her patients, she’s able to invest in new equipment, training for her staff, and some new marketing. Now, as one of the most reliable facilities around, new patients flock to her clinic from across the country knowing that they are going to find the drugs they need.


  • Stock on consignment
  • Pay after dispensation
  • Eliminate stock-outs
  • Improved patient adherence

Manufacturers find broader access to new and existing patient populations

Emmanuel is responsible for regional marketing and sales at a multinational pharmaceutical company. His office has a targeted budget, so every dollar counts, but Emmanuel wants to expand his company’s footprint and make the greatest impact for the lives of patients in his market., The problem is, Emmanuel lacks sufficient data to determine which drugs in his portfolio to focus on, and what channels to engage to ensure they will perform well. Not only that, many of the products Emmanuel’s company offers are typically too expensive for patients, which limits his ability to market them in hospitals and clinics in his market.

Emmanuel’s company turned to mPharma’s Market Access as a Service (MaaS) for insights into the products into his portfolio. Working with mPharma to ensure his products were available in all the major outlets across his markets, Emmanuel and his team worked with mPharma to create well-structured payment plans. Now patients from all economic backgrounds have access and the means to afford his products, which outperform competing generics and branded products alike.


  • Insights on drug utilization patterns
  • Anonymized prescription, dispensation, and disease trends
  • Tailored payment plans for increased access
  • Improved access to market
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