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Dr.Consulta provides access to excellent healthcare for all Brazilians through its medical centers.
Our story

dr.consulta provides high quality, low-cost specialty healthcare and diagnostic services to Brazil’s low to middle-income population.

75% of the Brazilian population (150m) relies purely on the public healthcare system, which is inefficiently managed, underfunded, and incapable of providing quality healthcare services. Scheduling a consultation appointment can take 3-6 months. Public day clinics are scarce and of very low quality. In Sao Paulo, for example, there are only 16 public specialty care clinics available to serve 15m people (~1 clinic for 1m people), which leads to overcrowded waiting rooms and waiting times that are exceptionally long. As a result, poor Brazilians have limited or no access to quality healthcare services and many do not receive necessary treatments and illness relief.

We work to generate impact in healthcare

By 2020, dr.consulta aims to provide affordable healthcare to 1 million patients per year through a network of 100 clinics. Patients, with 80% percent being women and children, will have better access to quality healthcare services with a focus on preventative care of most prevalent chronic diseases.

  • Better physical health: Individuals experience better overall health due to 1) modern examination and diagnosis services, 2) timely consultations when sick and 3) dr.consulta’s focus on preventative healthcare.
  • Accessibility of health care: Patients are more likely to visit a doctor when they are sick as 1) dr.consulta guarantees short waiting times and 2) clinics are in close proximity of the peoples’ communities.
  • Affordability of quality health care: Patients benefit from low prices in comparison to other private health clinics (avg. 63% cheaper than lower end of benchmark prices according to national insurance plans and medical associations). In addition, dr.consulta offers installment payments of up to 24 months.

“LGT Impact is a visionary institution. And that is a scarce asset. They had the vision to position themselves alongside us when what we were doing was far from obvious to many people. They saw what others did not.” Thomaz Srougi, Founder, dr.consulta

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