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Dimagi is a for- profit social enterprise based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, that delivers open-source software technology suitable for low-resource settings and underserved communities.
Founded in 2002, Dimagi, Inc. is an award-winning, socially conscious technology company that develops scalable ICT solutions for low-resource settings. A leader in open source technology, Dimagi has performed technical strategy, systems design, software development, and research for 500+ projects worldwide, and its core product suite support thousands of Frontline Workers in over 50+ countries.
Company Goals

We believe there’s a better way to provide services to those in need.

We are changing the way frontline services are delivered by providing our customers with better data and giving their workforce new tools to help those in need. Our technology, CommCare, the world’s most powerful mobile data collection platform, was built with this goal in mind. Using CommCare, organizations build mobile apps that improve the quality and efficiency of services in the most remote corners of the world.

We believe the sustained adoption of digital solutions is only possible if we create tools that users love. Accordingly, our design philosophy puts end users first.

How we got our start

Dimagi was founded in 2002 out of the MIT Media Lab and the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology programs. While volunteering for an MIT course developing technology for Africa, Jonathan Jackson, co-founder and CEO, met Dr. Vikram Kumar, co-founder and chief medical officer, who was completing his MD/MS at Harvard-MIT and working on an early version of Dimagi.

Vikram wanted to build a company that combined global health and technology, but had realized informatics consulting was premature in the industry. Instead, Vikram and Jonathan focused on developing open source software for low-resource settings, building some of the first mobile solutions for frontline health programs in developing countries.

Today, Dimagi continues to operate on the foundation that mobile solutions are key to improving the quality and efficiency of global development programs. While we got our start in healthcare, we work across sectors today with organizations of all sizes and have supported over 600 projects.

Dimagi is a recognized social enterprise, B Corp, and certified Benefit Corporation, reflecting our commitment to making an impact. View our Annual Benefit Report.

Data Collection Is Different With CommCare

Unlike other mobile tools, CommCare's case management features enable field teams to collect more actionable data, faster than ever before. Learn how case management can amplify your team's impact today.

Learn how

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, United States of America, North America
New Delhi, Delhi, India, India, Asia
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Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, United States, United States of America, North America

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