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Arming frontline heath workers with effective diagnostic tools.
D-tree International’s mission is to develop and support electronic clinical protocols that enable health workers worldwide to deliver high quality healthcare. D-tree is changing the way health care is delivered to the poor by providing accurate and effective point-of-care diagnosis and treatment through mobile technology.
Company Goals

Digital health enabler. Health systems strengthener. End-to-end partner.

Technology is disrupting the way healthcare is delivered in low and middle income countries. And successfully implementing digital health systems requires a partner who understands technology AND health. That’s why D-tree specializes in both. We are public health experts who use and understand technology, committed to helping you develop transformative digital systems, tailored to your needs and context. Our digital health systems enable our partners to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, monitor programs in real-time and automate reporting.

Our work

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Community-based family planning: Community Health Workers are increasingly recognized for their important role in improving access to family planning services. D-tree develops digital systems to improve service delivery and supervision of community-based family planning programs in line with the widely accepted Balanced Counseling Strategy Plus. LEARN MORE

Maternal & Newborn Health

Supporting safer deliveries: D-tree works to improve the quality of maternal healthcare by supporting healthy pregnancies and birth planning at the community, developing feedback loops to improve accountability, and strengthening the quality of services at facilities. Read more about our Safer Deliveries program in Zanzibar. LEARN MORE

Engaging the private sector to save mother & newborn lives: Despite goals for Universal Health Coverage, few resource-constrained countries have successfully engaged the private sector. Learn how D-tree, with partners Open Development and Results for Development are re-imagining health care to support UHC in Liberia. LEARN MORE

Child Health

Reducing child mortality: Technology can strengthen the quality of care and the quality of programs to better support child health services at the community and facility. Learn how D-tree is working to improve child health in Malawi, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health. LEARN MORE

Emergency Transport

"Uber" for emergencies: Leveraging technology for life-saving transport. Learn how D-tree works with partners to leverage digital technology to support life-saving emergency transport in Northwest Tanzania. LEARN MORE

Health Systems Strengthening

Citizen feedback to improve respectful care: We believe in the importance of giving clients a voice in health systems and having mechanisms to promote accountable, respectful care. One way that we do this is through citizen feedback systems which are integrated into our digital health systems. Learn how D-tree is empowering mothers in Zanzibar to promote respectful care. LEARN MORE

Motivating health workers through pay for performance: Health workers in resource-constrained settings face many challenges, including lack of motivation and limited connectedness with the broader health system. Digital tools provide an opportunity to better link health workers with their peers and supervisors. Here we describe one way that we are leveraging technology to improve health worker motivation and engagement. LEARN MORE

Supporting referrals: Within health systems, clients are frequently referred for services or commodities, and tracking these referrals to ensure completion and reduce loss to follow up is essential for health programs. D-tree has experience supporting organizations to manage referral tracking in a variety of contexts. Learn more about the challenges and some of the systems we have developed to improve referral tracking. LEARN MORE

Company Profile
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Tanzania, Malawi, Zanzibar

Company Information
Norwell, Massachusetts, United States, United States of America, North America
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Tanzania, Africa
Lilongwe, Malawi, Malawi, Africa
Unguja, Tanzania, Tanzania, Africa

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