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As at 31st March 2018 we were serving over 35,111 active smallholder farmers and micro entrepreneurs with innovative and transformative financial products & services.
Our story

Transforming the lives of farmers.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of transformative financial solutions to rural smallholder farmers in East Africa. We invest regularly in startups and we work diligently to link our clients to other major players in their market. This helps to develop the networks and opportunities for all of our clients in any given area. This comprehensive approach creates long-term gains in productivity and promotes local engines of economic growth that help support the community as a whole.

Unlike traditional microfinance, which primarily provides loans for working capital to informal businesses, we finance specific agricultural assets that offer an immediate and sustainable income for farmers.

We work in multiple fields of expertise

  • Farm animal loans - This is a loan product that enables farmers to acquire a wide range of farm animals and invest in high breed dairy cows, poultry, dairy goat farming, sheep, rabbits, beekeeping and fish farming among others.
  • Crop farming loans - This is a loan product that enables farmers to invest in horticulture, coffee farming, tea farming, banana farming, cane farming and many more. Farmers are also able to use this loan to purchase farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and chemicals necessary for crop farming on any kind in order to increase agricultural yields.
  • Farm equipment loans - This is a loan product targeting farmers to help them acquire quality farm equipment such as Generators, Water Tanks, Water pumps, Milking cans, Biogas digesters, Motorcycles, Posho Mill, Chaff Cutters, Green Houses, Irrigation Equipment, Milk Freezer, Milking Machines, ATM milk dispensers, Ploughing tools/equipment, Animal Housing structures.
  • Working capital loans - This is a working capital loan product targeting farmers and micro-entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.
  • Clean energy loans - Clean energy loans are intended for customers seeking financing for eco-friendly products, such as solar TVs, solar water pumps, solar home systems, modern cookstoves and biogas systems, that use energy generated from natural resources which are renewable (naturally replenished).
  • Consumer loans - Consumer loans are intended for customers seeking financing for education for themselves, siblings and their children. It is also a loan to help customers take care of emergencies such as hospitalization, funeral expenses, and other eventualities.


Juhudi provides business management, technical and financial literacy training to rural smallholder farmers and micro-entrepreneurs.

Juhudi Labs

Juhudi Labs is a program dedicated to finding, testing and scaling new products, technologies and processes that improve Juhudi Kilimo’s business and offer new services to benefit rural smallholder farmers and micro-entrepreneurs.

Juhudi Labs currently comprises of four programs:

  • Financial Product Program
  • Clean Energy Program
  • Startup Residency Program
  • Field Research Program.

We work according to our core values


We are committed to transparency in our business and communication with our clients.
From the way we utilize our resources (time, finances, connections), to the way we treat one another,
to the services we provide for our valued clients, honesty and integrity are at the very core of all we do.


Equality is of utmost importance in all we do.
We exhibit the same respect to everyone we encounter regardless of race, gender, title, creed or socioeconomic status.


We have embraced a standard of listening, innovating and persisting to the extent that our services truly
elevate and transform the lives of partners. We are committed to providing transformative opportunities,
training and personal development for our clients as well as our team.


We are a hard-working, dedicated team that cares deeply about our work. It’s not just a job; it’s our passion.
Most importantly, we view our work as our greatest opportunity to make a positive impact in the world

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