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We've created a new way to build skills and job-readiness — and applied it in high-growth industries like healthcare, technology, customer service, sales & retail, and skilled trades.
Our story

A career-launching job for every young person, anywhere in the world.

Our mission is two-fold: to empower young people to build thriving, sustainable careers and to provide employers the highly-skilled, motivated talent they need. We have a skills-training methodology that we believe can serve hundreds of thousands—and eventually millions—of unemployed and underemployed young people a year. And we’re proving that this training creates real business value for employers, and lasting career impact for participants—so everyone has the incentive to invest in skills.

We work to prepare young people for a career

Generation trains people ages 18-29 for jobs in four sectors. Our approach has seven components.

  1. Jobs & direct employer engagement from the start
  2. Student recruitment based on intrinsic, effort, and employment standards for the profession
  3. Short and intensive “boot camp” covering relevant technical, behavioral, and mindset skills
  4. Support all along the way—including daily monitoring, weekly feedback, and mentoring
  5. A community that follows graduates into the workplace
  6. Return on investment for employers and students
  7. Data tracked throughout–to make sure we are constantly learning and improving.

Generation works with 2,300+ employer partners and a wide range of implementation partners and funders. The organization was founded as an independent nonprofit by McKinsey & Company in 2014. Results have been strong, with over 80% of graduates placed in jobs within 3 months of graduation and approximately 70% still employed one year later. The organization was founded as an independent nonprofit by McKinsey & Company in 2014, and is supported by over 30 funders including Walmart, and USAID.

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Spain, Kenya, United States of America, Mexico, India

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