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BRAC, an international development organisation based in Bangladesh, is the largest non-governmental development organisation in the world, in terms of number of employees as of September 2016. BRAC is present in all 64 districts of Bangladesh as well as 13 other countries in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
Company Goals

Our mission is to empower people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice. Our interventions aim to achieve large scale, positive changes through economic and social programmes that enable men and women to realise their potential.

BRAC has done what few others have – they have achieved success on a massive scale, bringing life-saving health programs to millions of the world's poorest people. They remind us that even the most intractable health problems are solvable, and inspire us to match their success throughout the developing world. Bill Gates, Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Award, 2004

BRAC prioritizes sustainable funding sources and is largely self-financed. Currently, less than a quarter of its expenditures derive from donors. Roughly 75% of of its expenditures - including microfinance, social enterprises, and social development programs - are funded by surplus funds. Its goal is 90% self-financing by 2020. BRAC also relies on a hybrid financial strategy for several of its development programs. It keeps administration costs down and uses smarter targeting mechanisms with sophisticated pricing models that include free services for those who need the most and subsidized and full charge for those in higher income brackets.

Social enterprises

Two of the most significant challenges that continue to hinder economic growth and social empowerment, particularly for women in rural areas, are sustainable livelihood generation and market access. Over 75% of small farmers in Bangladesh earn less than USD 2 per day.

BRAC Social Enterprises equip individuals - microentrepreneurs, farmers, and producers - with the necessary tools and resources needed for greater economic participation. We establish vital linkages across value chains to ensure market viability. The social mission is at the core of everything that we do; establishing inclusive ecosystems that improve conditions for both producers and consumers.

Company Information
75 Mohakhali Bazar Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Asia
110 William St, New York, United States, United States of America, North America

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