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Climate finance partnerships that improve lives.
Our story

Smart Distribution Brings Clean Energy and Health Within Reach.

UpEnergy brings aspirational products within reach of low-income customers. The products we sell save energy, protect forests, and improve health. Our product sales cut carbon emissions which we quantify and deliver to buyers of high quality carbon credits. We focus on areas of high social and environmental impact as we build distribution networks and carbon reduction projects.

Our East African SmartHome brand is known for quality, reliability, and the livelihood improvements it delivers. Our products benefit consumers and the local producers we partner with. UpEnergy is further known for the 30+ years of collective experience we bring to the development of superior carbon emissions reduction projects that benefit people.

Sales and Distribution

UpEnergy brings aspirational clean energy and health products within reach of low-income customers. UpEnergy customers rely on us for the best efficient cookstoves, water filters, and solar lights.

UpEnergy’s SmartHome retail brand is known for quality and reliability. We operate regional distribution hubs and build distribution relationships with retail chains and small retailers. To truly know our customers through data and customer insights, we also sell directly through the SmartHome sales force. UpEnergy’s experience spans distribution channels and allows us to design and manage sales initiatives to deliver the most value to customers of SmartHome appliances. This also allows us to understand product usage over time and maximize the carbon cutting power of our sales.

Climate finance

The UpEnergy team has an industry-leading track record of building and managing large scale projects that leverage carbon finance to save low income households energy and improve livelihoods. To quantify carbon savings, we rigorously track and verify how the products we sell fight climate change. Third parties conservatively audit our work to ensure the integrity of the emissions reductions. Our process generates emissions reductions in the form of UN certified carbon credits (CERs)  and Voluntary Credits (Gold Standard VERs)  which we deliver to buyers under the Clean Development Mechanism and in voluntary markets. Our success with carbon sales uniquely positions us to grow distribution and partnerships and reach more customers with energy saving products.

UpEnergy has two carbon crediting mechanisms issuing carbon credits: a registered Gold Standard cookstove project and a UN Clean Development Mechanism Programme of Activities. These projects guarantee not only that our products fight climate change, but that they improve livelihoods.

The UpEnergy team has developed carbon crediting methodologies and led to profitability each of the world’s first three Gold Standard energy efficient cookstove projects that have resulted in the sale of over 600,000 clean cookstoves globally.

Our technology

UpEnergy fights poverty, improves health, and protects forests by making clean energy technologies available to people in the developing world. These technologies include high-efficiency cookstoves, solar lights and water purification.

UpEnergy is technology agnostic, focusing instead on sourcing the best possible solutions for local contexts. UpEnergy sources products locally wherever possible and is committed to working with local manufacturing to develop products that meet stringent quality and design standards.

UpEnergy identifies high-quality products that are aspirational, locally appropriate, durable, and sufficiently affordable for the segments we target. We test technologies using test sales, focus groups, surveys and laboratory tests.

We work in market consultancy

UpEnergy specializes in market validation of consumer products in East Africa. Focus groups and surveys generate insights which we validate and update with data gathering test sales. Our network of direct sales agents and partner distributors help us test market acceptance. Test sales oriented towards data capture lead to far better market information than surveys and focus groups alone.

Tests include:

  • In-house product testing of quality, usability, durability and assembly time (where appropriate).
  • In-field testing conducted through our direct sales team, SmartHome and our in-country distribution partners includes
    • Price testing through second price auctions and controlled testing groups.
    • Usability and consumer appeal testing through product demonstrations, test sales and customer satisfaction surveys.

We have partnered with suppliers to conduct market testing on the below products:

Solar Lights

Water Purification Units

UpEnergy is passionate about finding product-market fit in the areas where we work. We can design and conduct marketing testing of your product. For more information, please Contact us.

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