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CBOs receive a low-cost loan and a 1:1 business coach, taking the business concept from idea to execution.
Our story

ENVenture is a social enterprise in Uganda that empowers rural Community Based Organizations to learn business skills and receive financing to launch sustainable clean energy enterprises.

Eliminating kerosene, three stone fires, and other harmful items used for everyday needs creates new income-generating opportunities, which ultimately benefits local people. Participating SGVs will retail a variety of high quality products approved by ENVenture for distribution, including solar lights, non-electric water filters, improved cookstoves, and energy-saving briquettes.

We work to deliver clean energy products to rural villages

85% of Ugandans lack access to electricity. 98% lack access to modern facilities for cooking. Rural cooperatives and Community Based Organizations (CBOs), created by members of the community, know these problems well. Solar energy, non-electric water filters, improved biomass cookstoves, and fuel briquettes are all modern low-cost technologies that can solve rural energy problems. ENVenture accelerates rural cooperatives/CBOs in Uganda to start clean energy ventures. We want everyone in the rural villages to easily access a quality affordable clean energy product for their home without having to travel to the closest city. ENVenture employs a “venture capital” model in identifying and recruiting CBOs. Through our Seed Incubator, we invest small amounts very early in a large number of CBOs. Over a 1-year period of monitoring their energy sales and loan repayments, the best performers are selected for our Growth Accelerator, which includes offering larger debt, financial management support, and investment-readiness. This model allows ENVenture to build a pipeline of viable local last mile distributors for clean energy, with capacity building at the heart of all its programs. 

ENVision mobile

ENVision mobile is a FREE off-line mobile app available for Android. Designed for the everyday entrepreneur, you can track your daily business income and expenses and start visualizing your profit. Switch from paper and pen bookkeeping and start tracking your sales on your phone! Available in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, Bengali, and Hindi.

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