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Our commercial model is saving lives and forests, and, for our customers, millions of dollars every year.
Our story

BURN is revolutionizing the cookstove sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

BURN is an eclectic group of designers,  builders,  and visionaries who are committed to making stoves that can transform lives and save forests. Our goal is not just to provide clean burning wood and charcoal stoves but to provide a range of super fuel-efficient stoves for the 2 billion people who will inhabit sub-Saharan Africa by 2050.

With more than 4500,000 stoves sold since 2013, BURN has established itself as the most trusted jiko brand thanks to our unwavering commitment to innovative research and design, manufacturing excellence, and customer care.

Not only do we sell the world's most fuel-efficient charcoal and wood household stoves, but BURN is also the only jiko company which manufactures all of its products in sub-Saharan Africa's only state-of-the-art clean cookstove manufacturing facility. We are extremely proud to employ 225 team members throughout Kenya and support a workforce which is 60 percent female, thus empowering women in roles traditionally considered to be “for men only.”

We work all-inclusive

  1. Market research
    • Our 4 person, expat and Kenyan market research team works with local cooks to ascertain their needs. During the multi-year design process, the team works closely with both users and our US design team to test and improve numerous prototypes.
  2. Design
    • Our 12 person design team based in Kenya and  Washington State designs and fabricates stove prototypes and then optimizes them based on feedback from the lab and the consumer. BURN is currently developing a number of revolutionary biomass and fossil fuel cooks for Sub Saharan Africa.
  3. Lab & field testing
    • Our 5 person testing team conducts emissions and performance testing in the US and field testing in Kenya.
  4. Manufacturing
    • Our 50 person manufacturing team – half of whom are women – make a stove per minute in Sub-Saharan Africa’s first modern cookstove manufacturing facility.
  5. Sales & marketing
    • Our 19 person Sales & Marketing team works with our network of over 180 distributors to bring clean cooking solutions to our customers.
  6. Finance
    • Our innovative relationships with M-Kopa and Equity Bank – our two most successful microfinance distributors – allow consumers to purchase a jikokoa for only 40 cents/day (over 4 months). By investing in the jikokoa, they also make 50cents/day in fuel savings.

We work with four different cookstoves

We currently offer four products that contribute to our vision of a world where cooking saves lives and forests:

  • JikokoaTM and JikokoaTM Xtra - These charcoal clean cookstoves reduce fuel expenses by more than 50 percent, which is especially pertinent in Kenya given recent logging bans and subsequent effects on charcoal supply/costs to end-user consumers. Jikokoa Xtra is our newest stove, which is now Kenya’s largest, strongest and most durable charcoal jiko.
  • KuniokoaTM is the world’s most fuel-efficient natural draft wood stove in the world. It offers families a safe, clean and economical alternative to cooking with wood.
  • BURN Kamata - This sufuria gripper is our first product entry in the cooking accessory marketplace.

Since 2013, BURN has

  • Helped families save more than $111 million on fuel costs
  • Benefitted more than 2 million people
  • Saved 1.9 million tons of wood
  • Reduced 3 million tons of harmful carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

"Before my children would cough because of the smoke. They would get headaches and get dizzy. Now, they do not have that problem." Ruth Ongubo - Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya

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